Question Lost my M2 screws.

Unfortunately, those screws and standoffs don't seem to be standardized across the industry.

Screws that work for Asus might not work on Asrock, MSI, Gigabyte, etc.

The package your linked to may or may not be compatible. From the picture, it looks like there are 2 different styles of standoffs.

I bought a different package myself. It contained 3 different standoff styles and 3 different types of screws. Luckily, one of them worked on my motherboard. The other 2 types were useless for my purposes.

If you look on Amazon, you will see many different screw packages. When you read the comments, you will see considerable confusion regarding what motherboards are compatible.

Take your chances. You may get lucky. Or you may have to try again.
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I can’t find any specs on the screws I need online. So it’ll always be a gamble?

Yes, as far as I can tell. A gamble.

You can find all kinds of online specs saying the screws are this or that.

Then you go to a hardware store and buy screws that meet the specs.

You take them home and they don't fit.

Around and around for a long as you have patience and money and gasoline for the car.

Are you frustration-proof?

One alternative is to buy an adapter card that fits in a slot.

The drive attaches to the card with a screw supplied with the adapter. Costs about 15 dollars in USA.

But you might get lucky. Might.

Above is the screw pack I bought a few months ago.


It contained 3 styles of standoffs; 5 each

and 3 styles of screws to fit in the standoffs; 5 each

total of 30 pieces.

One of the 3 styles worked in my Asrock board.

I am GUESSING that the other 2 styles work in some combination of MSI, Asus, or Gigabyte motherboards. Repeat GUESSING.