Lost operating system


Mar 15, 2011

I received a blue screen of death whilst gaming the other day. It told me that it was a critical etc. Then it informed me that it was dumping software. When my laptop rebooted all I had was an Acer flash screen with the option to press f2 to go into bios and then an error message on a dos like screen telling me that no operating system is found.

If anyone can help me with this problem i will be eternally grateful. I have a vista disc to install it again but am not sure if i will lose everything on the HD if this is the case.

Many thanks.
Since you have the VISTA install disc -- go into the BIOS and make sure the system is set to boot from the CD\DVD drive before the HDD - Place the VISTA install disc in the drive and boot the system ( press a key if the prompt comes up about pressing a key to boot from CD) -- this should start the windows setup -- from there run through the selections until the IIRC second option screen where it asks which partition to install to and when you select the current c:\ drive partition it should tell you that the OS is already present do you want to attempt to repair the install -- select yes and let it start installing -- (by selecting to repair the OS it will not delete any f your programs etc. but will just delete the system drivers and files and reinstall them from the disk which will normally get windows working again (once it finishes and you get into windows run windows update to see if any of your previously installed updates were deleted and need to be installed again).

If the repair does not work then the next step may be a complete reformat of the HDD and new install of VISTA and your programs (depends on how badly the HDD was corrupted by the Blue Screen )