Lost overclocking settings - I swear I never did anything


Jan 24, 2009
Apologies but this must seem like a really basic OC'ing query... I am keen to learn though, so any help or guidance is hugely appreciated - as is your patience.

About a year ago, before the credit crunch took hold :D, I paid a company to build me a new PC. The system they came up with is detailed in my signature. Part of the price included "overclocking services": The 2.4GHz Q6600 CPU was boosted to 3.0HHz while the 4 x 1GB sticks of DDR2 1066MHz Crucial Ballistix RAM were listed as running at 1150MHz.

I don't normally tinker with things if they ain't broken and the system has been ultra-stable for gaming and multi-media for almost a year - so I can't say when this happened - but last night I noticed on AI Suite that everything has reverted back to running at stock speed. I downloaded CPUZ and it too confirms everything is running at stock speed.

I'd love to restore the overclocking back to where it was when I bought it but the company who built the system has ceased to be - as I guess has my warranty...

It seems the Asus Maximus/Q6600/Crucial Ballistix 4X 1GB combination is not an entirely unheaard of combination and I just wondered if anybody could help me reinstate the overclocking settings on mine?

I had a read through the guide to overclocking for Quad Cores and can see I could set my FSB to 333MHz with 9X multiplier to regain the 3.0GHz CPU speed. I get a bit uncertain when we start talking about the memory. My 4 sticks are of the double-sided BL12864AA1065.16FD5 vintage - which I believe have stock timings of 5-5-5-15 at 2.2V...?

I notice AI Suite has some basic overclocking settings within the AI Booster "advanced" section? I can set CPU frequency, CPU ratio, DRAM Frequency, DRAM Voltage and PCI-E frequency. 5 settings? Can't be that simple, can it? Should I really be looking only at doing this in BIOS? Also, does this AI Suite thingy conflict with settings in BIOS? Should I uninstall it (AI Suite).

I'm not looking to tweak every little last drop of performance out of the system, but I would like to restore at least a modest overclock.

As ever, thanks in advance.



Dec 13, 2008
the esiest way to set the speed back to stock is to set everything to AUTO in the bios. i have an Asus board too, aparently because i have ai booster and ai Suit. i recommend that you DONT use it though. you should overclock through the bios once you reasearch it a bit. the bios gives you more options than AI booster like voltage control, various intel settings, and the all important RAM latency timings.