[SOLVED] LOTS of lag in games with stable ping, no packet loss. MOBO, NIC or ISP problem?

Dec 3, 2019
Hello, sorry for the inconvenience this generic question may cause. I've been having unbearable lag in games for months. My ping says 30 ms or 50 but the way in which the game reacts does not represent that response time at all, 30 feels like 90 and 50 feels like 120. It is as if my character does not react to what I am doing or react irregularly. Feels slow. This problem began to appear after I first came out of Windows 10 Build 1607 (around a year and a half ago). Since then I have had problems of all kinds, slow mouse, input delay on a fairly decent PC with good components, irregular performance and more. I am encouraging to write in this forum because I am really desperate and since I have no money to test all the components I would like to get help of people that know way more than me...

Problem: Low or Decent ping feels slow and unstable, no apparent packet loss or high ping.

Game: League of legends (UDP based).

Things I've tried:

  • I'm currently in windows 1909 with latest NIC Driver, I've tried W10 LTSC 2019, W1809 and W1903. (W1607 and W LTSB are not quite reachable anymore because of update bugs, idk if the ISOs i got were faulty or it's just a general problem). I've formatted my PC so many times I think my SSD probably hates me (more than 10 in a month at least, all because I can't find the problem).
  • Last time it felt "good" was at build 1607 with Factory Bios Firmware.
  • Game feels way different when changing the drivers in the NIC but never gets to feel "normal".
  • I've try other low end PCs and they definately feel faster than mine with even twice the ping.
  • I've tried latest update in every driver possible including: Bios, NIC, USB 3, GPU, Chipset.
  • With latest Bios update the computer is just slow as hell, it's unplayable in a highly competitive enviorment.
  • I've tried all drivers updated at the same time.
  • I've tried all drivers updated to the latest MOBO's page driver available, also tried the latest drivers of the manufacturer of the specific components.
  • I've bothered my ISP with 3 different ONT's some better than others and the best is arriving today (I bought it separatly).
  • If I connect to the game through my Cellphone with the same ISP connected through WIFI, it bypasses the problem almost all the time.
  • I've tried changing the NIC configurations in a bunch of ways.
  • I've tried using TCP Optimizer.
  • Of course I've tried changing DNS (Third world country ISP DNSs suck).
  • Also tried bridge mode with an Asus router with QoS (Helped a bit, not fully fixed tho).
Things I haven't tried:

  • Change NIC (No money but I can get one if it is likely the problem, I wasn't sure).
  • Try other ISP.
  • Try other PC in my LAN (I only have one).

  • My current ONT is a complete garbage Alcatel Lucent W240-A from 2006, the W240-C from 2017 it's on the way (probably is not great anyway but it is still the best they can offer).
  • Sometimes my NIC didn't wake up when turning PC on, further more a very strange thing happened with other windows: When I turned on my PC, all my network went Bye bye for about 10 minutes. Meaning, I lost connection to my ISP in my ONT (just when I turned my PC on) heppened all the time, doesn't happen anymore.
  • I have the brand new CAT5E Ethernet cable that came with my Asus Router, I'm quite certain it can't be the cable.
  • I have Fiber with a 30/5 Mbps connection.
  • Given the stupid amount of Driver issues I've had, I'm starting to think my MOBO is crazy and I hate her too.
Now PC Specs:

  • Asus ATX Z170-A
  • Intel Core i7-6700k OC'ed to 4.6 Ghz.
  • 16 GB Kingston HyperX Fury Black DDR4 at 2666 Mhz.
  • Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming.
  • SSD PNY 120 GBs (OS)
  • WD Caviar Blue HDD 1 TB
  • PSU EVGA 650 GQ 80 Gold

  • Mouse G502 Hero.
  • Keyboard Corsair k65 Rapidfire RGB
  • Monitor Asus VG240QE 144 Hz
Dec 17, 2019
Search windows 10 dpi fix, thats the name of the app . This app uses windows 8.1 scaling . you can easily disable it if u dont want . after restart it works .
Dec 17, 2019
Search windows 10 dpi fix, thats the name of the app . This app uses windows 8.1 scaling . you can easily disable it if u dont want . after restart it works .