Question Loud at idle after upgrade

Oct 10, 2022
So I upgrade my PC it had a 3700x with a wraith cooler and a rog Strix 2070 in the meshify c with two front intakes a one exhaust fan, My PC now has the same CPU but with a x53 Kraken and a 3090 ftw3 I added a Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM to the front and the aio is mounted on the top with the two fans as exhaust but for some reason, it sounds loud at idle and when I put it under load it doesn't get much louder I tried reapplying the thermal paste and adjusting the fan curve and pump speed and nothing is working is it loud because I have more fans now or am I just overreacting? Thanks in advance


Well, what did you expect?
Wraith cooler is small, with 80 (92?) mm fan on it. And that's it.

Kraken X53 has pump, 240mm rad and two 120mm fans. Besides pump making noise, fans pushing air through the rad (restriction), will create additional noise.
Your two Noctuas are quiet, maxing out at 22.6 dB(A). While the fans on the rad, max out at 36 dB(A), which is quite audible. And there is no rating for pump noise.

When it comes to cooling, you'll either have good cooling with more noise OR poor cooling with little (none) noise.
Now, there is an exception to that rule, which you could accomplish due to your PC case (Meshify C), but which you most likely won't do, since that means getting rid of your AIO and going back to full air cooling + buying new CPU air cooler and 4-6 case fans as well.

If you have money and are annoyed by the airflow sound in your case, then i can explain the exception further.