Question Loud fan-like noise after waking up from sleep, goes away after 1-2 minutes


Sep 6, 2015
So, recently my PC started to make a really loud noise when waking up from sleep. Heres a video from it:

PC noise - YouTube

After a couple of minutes it stops.

Also, it only happens when the PC has been in sleep mode for hours, if I let it sleep now, for example, after I already had the noise, for 5 minutes, it won't happen. I need to let the system cooldown properly so it will show.

I'm not sure what is the problem, so I need help troubleshooting and possibly fixing it.

I've seen people mentioning that its coilwhine, some people saying that it might be the GPU and it happens when you turn on a system that is cold (it never happened before, tho), some people said it could be a faulty GPU, even tho I'm not sure its the case as I bought mine (a SuperFlower LEADEX 750W) a couple of months ago.

Only thing I'm almost 100% sure its that its not the case fans as they aren't potent enough to be making a noise this loud. Also nothing related to the case being loose or whatever.

It never happens if I leave my PC on 24/7, only when waking up from sleep.

If nobody has seen this before and doesn't know whats the problem exactly, whats the best way to troubleshoot to know where the noise is coming from?

Thanks in advance.