Question low and high memory and clock


Jan 23, 2018
hey I was playing a game when the black screen crash happened and I did restart my pc ( This didn't happen before for 2 months and before that it was about like per 10 12 hours usage once) here is the log of when crash happened

when I log in . my memory and clock was stuck at low very low as you can see in log . I did mess around with drivers installing and reinstalling again and again ( one time I had it before and it got fixed using this method without any problem ) as you can see in the next log

and now things are little complicated since I somehow fixed it so it won't stuck at low clock all the time now but it drops like this log I feel like when is like around 1936 clock my screen is some how a bit lagging and a 10 fps drop maybe

Things that I did to solve my problem :
1 -reinstalling the driver using ddu 2- try the old driver 3- set power to max in windows and nvidia control panel