[SOLVED] Low batteries in wireless keyboard made my CPU go crazy!

Jul 8, 2019
I was online in what should have been a safe site when there was what seemed like a hostile takeover of my home PC.
All my mouse keyboard and mouse commands where ignored. An evil entity went to my settings and other places unknown before I could shut it down. I rebooted, this time trying to use CntlAltDelete but the entity would close the task manager down before I could hit End Task. Next time I shut down the modem- but same result.

I took it to my local shop. There it acted normally. My tech guy said it is not online yet so he went online and still no problems. He ran three different virus, malware scans and found nothing and he had no clues.

I took it home, plugged it in - same problem. What was different than in the shop?- the mouse and keyboard... I unconnected the Bluetooth USB port for my Logitech wireless keyboard and connected a wired keyboard. Now my PC worked normally. I replaced the wireless keyboard batteries, reconnected the Bluetooth and using the wireless keyboard my PC has worked fine ever since.

Who knew low batteries in a keyboard could do that? How is that possible?...It seems so maliciously intelligent the way it proceeded? I never left the PC powered up long enough to see much detail of what it was doing, so perhaps the "intelligence" I perceived was just paranoia on my part.

Also, strangely, when I search for this subject online I get no relevant or equivalent hits. Am I the first guy whose batteries ran low on their wireless keyboard? I am not at home right now and don't know the model number, but one possible clue is that this is a compact keyboard with a touch mouse pad, that I never use. My thought is that this keyboard is capable of sending mouse commands so maybe that has something to do with making my PC go haywire?
Thanks for any help.

PC Tailor

Sounds completely normal. Low battery means the keyboard stops emitting the correct signals, and sometimes sends incorrect signals, or no signals at all.
Some wireless keyboards act much more strangely than others.

I've had similar to what you've described on various wireless keyboards.
Also why I only use wired ones!