Question Low Battery Throttling


Mar 26, 2018
Hello! This is my first post in this forum so apologies if I'm not doing it right.

I have an Eluktronics Max-15 that has been stellar these last 6 months, 10th gen i7 with 2080 super max-q. However last night as I was playing a game, the machine unexpectedly turned off (first time that's happened). When I tried to restart, it would not power on. I unplugged for a few minutes and tried again, I heard a pop (not good), and then it booted up normally....However I noticed the battery indicator showed 0% ...ugh

I tried several troubleshooting steps, but have been unable to get the battery to charge. I suspect the battery has totally died out suddenly. I contacted Eluktronics support and they want me to send the machine in for 4 weeks. Which is over the entire holidays, which is when I have the most time to play games...great.

However, in the meantime, it was working ok when plugged in. Until I noticed something, my games were playing with half the fps I usually get. the fans are not spinning up as fast as normal, and the CPU utilization stays pretty low. Methinks the system is throttling the CPU because of the low battery.

  1. How can I be sure the system is throttling?
  2. If it is, how can I disable the throttling mechanism. Since the battery will never charge, this essentially bricks my machine for its intended purpose (gaming).
Thank you all for any help you can provide. I'm super bummed about the timing of this all.