Question Low Cinebench R15 score on Thinkpad compared to reviews


Aug 11, 2014
Hello everybody,

I am having a problem with my Thinkpad T15 laptop, and I am considering whether it is a basis for contacting the warranty support, or whether I am just doing something wrong... The issue is the following:

I have the configuration of laptop almost identical to the one reviewed by notebookcheck here: In their review the laptop got Cinebench R15 (CPU Multi) score of 756, but no matter what I try on my machine I cannot get over 450~. I've tried to turn off all background processes, update drivers and run the laptop in high-power battery mode, but no luck in getting closer.

I am also getting strange slow-downs on some apps - for example, I basically cannot use OBS because the laptop becomes completely laggy.

The only aspect of hardware I've changed on the laptop is adding 16GB of RAM (on top of the base 16GB).

I would be glad for any second opinions on the issue.
Thanks for your time
Hey there,

Laptop CPU's can get very hot when in use. Sometimes temps go as high as 95c-100c depending on the task. When this happens the CPU will 'throttle'. Meaning it will dial back speed because its too hot, and the laptop can only clear the heat slowly (they are not like an airy desktop). When the CPU throttles like that, it can cause the exact issues you have.

You can use Intel XTU/Throttlestop to help there and undervolt your CPU. However, I'd add a note and say, read extensively before trying either application. If you google search your CPU + Throttlestop, there will be guides on youtube that can show you what and how to do.

You can use something like HWMon/Info (with sensors) to monitor the clockspeeds on the fly whilst you are testing. You will see clearly if the CPU is throttling.

The idea behind the apps is to 'Undervolt' your CPU. This has the dual benefit of reducing temps (and fan noise), but also enables the CPU to hit it's all core boost more frequently, and for longer sustained periods.

For example my own CPU has an undervolt of -140mv. With normal CPU voltage, I might hit 90-100c in gaming playing something like BF V. With the undervolt the temps are anywhere from 75-85c, and the system will run on 4ghz on all cores indefinitely. It's worth a look. But just read about it first before trying it.