low cpu core speed after first start of the day


Jan 9, 2018
hello guys , i have a little problem with my cpu ,when i start my pc ,i have 1,37 ghz stack ,after reset i have 3,4 ghz ,i dont know what to do , screen from cpuid - http://prntscr.com/iau4k4

pc specs :
Corsair RM550x
AMD RYZEN 5 1600
MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G
G.SKILL 16 GB KIT DDR4 3200 MHz CL14 TridentZ
At CPU-Z you see bench tab, go to it, and select Bench , and go to CPU tab and see if it stays to stock 3.4GHz (boost 3.7GHz), the multiplier x22 for example times with bus speed and that results in your Core speed in CPU-Z.

Have you updated your bios to latest version?

Did you set XMP profile?
As i've read somwhere, you have to turn off PC, unplug it from wall (keep psu switch 0), remove cmos battery (the shiny one), switch psu ON (not plugging into wall), press and hold power button for 30s~, then reseat ram, after that return cmos battery, plug in psu into power (keep in mind that switch has to be on 0 while plugging in and then switch it on), and boot the pc.


Did you do something in bios? In windows?

Can you try setting ram speed at 2666MHz?

What is stack?

A CPU will throttle itself when there isn't much to do. Imagine someone has a car and they are driving in the city. How fast will they go? 120kmh? 200? They have no need for that much speed. The CPU increases or decreases speed depending upon load.

No his speed is stuck, read the post, it seems like he did something in bios. As here https://prnt.sc/ibc0di it should match (-+5%).


Jan 9, 2018

i try this yesterday ,i still have 1,37ghz ,i enable xmp in november ,after it csgo and lol have fps drops ,i disable it ,update bios etc ,after i disable it ,cpu start doing this
In which slots have you putted your RAM? for example 1st and 3rd.
Did you install 4pin into CPU power or 8pin?

"You might need to restore the default BIOS setting to solve certain problems. There are several ways to reset BIOS: y Go to BIOS and press F6 to load optimized defaults. y Short the Clear CMOS jumper on the motherboard. (this second y is meant to be done by turned off pc)"

In bios try to disable these they should be under OC and then all the way down under CPU features
-AMD Cool’ n’Quiet [Enabled] The Cool’ n’Quiet technology can effectively and dynamically lower CPU speed and power consumption.
-VM Mode [Disabled] Enables/ disables the AMD SVM (Secure Virtual Machine) Mode
-Core C6 state [Auto] Enables/disables the C6 state.

Try to search trought the bios and find "GAME BOOST" and disable it.

Under OC again,
CPU frequency set to 3800 which is 3.8GHz.
CPU voltage -> 1.3625V

Choose DRAM Frequency 2666MHz.

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