Question Low CPU Low GPU Low FPS after weird crashing and bluescreening

May 27, 2022
hey, wondering if someone can give me a hand

Was playing a game, game froze up and crashed my PC, tried to restart and it started bluescreening and bootlooping,

managed to get it to boot into windows again in safe mode, uninstalled my videocard drivers and re instal windows, re installed my drivers but now i am getting lower FPS in things

games i used to get 144 solid i am now getting 80-90 frames with big frame drops, some games just hard crash for no reason. checked temps too and seem fine

Checked XMP too, and chkdsk
now wont run 3D mark, was doing a day or two ago

Palit 3080
I7 11700K
32gb Ram at 3000mhz

any ideas?
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