Question Low CPU utilization and stuttering on Asus laptop ?


Dec 18, 2016
I have a Asus ROG GA502DU laptop with:

AMD Ryzen 3750H
2x8 GB RAM
GTX 1660Ti MaxQ
256gb nvme boot drive
500gb nvme for games.

It has been acting strange lately. Often very slow in Windows and it stutters when playing Youtube videos.
I used CPU-Z to check the cpu speeds and it says that the CPU was running at 400Mhz which is way slow.
I also tried Handbrake and it was much slower than it used to be and I couldn't hear the fans spinning at all which is strange.

Then I ran a few games like Borderlands 3 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey and they both ran fine with close to 60fps on High and Very High.
and the fans were spinning and making noises as usual.

I've updated the BIOS and it didn't help.

At first I thought it was the boot drive because the game on my game drive were running just fine but now seeing that the CPU was running at such low speeds I wonder if it's the fan control or something else.
Or is it because I have removed Asus Armoury Crate software? but the laptop was running fine for awhile after i removed Armory Crate.

EDIT: problem solved
I replaced the ssd that came with the laptop (9months old) and reinstalled Armoury Crate
since it contains Asus fan control software.
Too bad Asus doesn't offer their customers a simple fan control software.
Instead they force you to download Armoury Crate with tons of bloatware.
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