Sep 15, 2021
I built my PC several months back while GPU prices were astronomically high and hard to even get your hands on, so I picked up a slightly used EVGA GTX 1060 SSC 6gb to use until prices and availability are somewhat back to normal and I can grab a 3080-3090 for a decent price. I have a Ryzen 7 5800x, which is obviously overkill for a GPU like this, again the GPU is temporary.

My question is, while playing Warzone my GPU utilization is at 99-100% but CPU never goes above around 30-35%. Is that just due to the fact that my 5800x is hardly having to try with my 1060? Is that normal? I'm assuming when I bump to a 3080 the CPU will be able to reach more of its potential?
Yes, that is normal. The 8C/16T CPU doesn't have to try very hard to max out that GTX 1060. When you get more fps with a better GPU you will see higher CPU utilization. You could upgrade both the GPU and screen-resolution and achieve the same fps at higher resolutions and still not see an increase in CPU utilization. Only with higher fps or a different, more CPU-bound game, will you see higher CPU utilization.
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You have a high thread count, powerful cpu and a game that's not all that hard on a cpus resources. That's going to make cpu usage low to start with. Then add a gpu that cannot output what the cpu can possibly input, and you go lower yet.

You numbers are quite normal for the setup.
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