Question Low FPS CSGO map: Ancient

Sep 30, 2022
Hi all,

In every map i get around 350+ stable FPS, but when on Ancient i get drops to 140 on certain spots. Now i know its a more heavy map, but with my old GPU i was usually stable.
I already clean booted windows, used DDU to get clean drivers and re-installed csgo. Nothing seems to work and i would love to get some idea's.


Ryzen 5 5600x
AMD Radeon rx6600
32gb RAM

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The reason that the performance degradation is most apparent on Ancient map is most likely due to the level having higher texture bandwidth requirements. Turning down the graphics settings, most likely alleviates the problem.

Also, make sure to install the GPU in the first/primary PCI-e x 16 slot, just in case the GPU is on some other slot. It might sound strange/weird/silly, but this PCI slot workaround sometimes works, just in case.

I can't blame the game developers for the hardware it's running on. The game provides the necessary configuration settings for the user to balance graphics quality with performance, but the Ancient map is sort of an exception.

CS:GO map developers use more and more MODELS in their map. But Ancient uses a lot (and I mean a lot) of models instead of blocks and displacements. HQ models have a lot of polygons which needs GPU processing power and PCIe bandwidth.

Ancient map level is also going to take more GPU time than other maps, because of reflections and foliage. Nothing you can do about that.

Which Model was your old GPU ? Also keep this in mind that CS:GO is mostly a CPU-bound game, but we can't overlook GPU requirements either, when based on different video settings.
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