Question Low fps/fps drops in some games with fine pc

Apr 8, 2022
Hello. I get straight to the point. in some games eg. fortnite, watch dogs legion, Borderlands3, Cyberpunk(a little), Assassin's creed odyssey/origins,Anthem have lower fps than expected or fps drop/freezes that make game unplayable. i checked/checking what will cause problems in windows/software but found nothing. In general i did 3x format /restore points and checked that changes:
clean system install with needed software like gpu drivers etc. same problem.
clean system with some small windows optimization like disable localization, camera , changing windows visuals etc. nothing happened.
Some advenced option like : disabling hpet,vbs, trying islc, unpark cpu, debload windows and some more (all changed also tested one by one) Nothing changed maybe little more fps but still unplayable.
Changing bios setting like thermal throttling on/off,power saving options on/off, ram xmp, trying different bios updates . small differences at all
Gpu drivers different settings same problem
In these games lowering or increasing graphic setting dont do much( ofc testing vsync on/off , lock/unlock fps limits ,program to lower cpu usage)
cpu high usage in these games(but not always 100% usage): tried Amd virtual super resolution (1080p native) to 1440p and games have lower cpu usage and higher gpu usage. maybe a little bit more stable with fps drops but still hard to play
in these games Probably have bottleneck (in general have bottleneck, just cpu is too weak for my gpu) but don't think it's make that huge drops and decreasing fps. Watched benchamarks with cpu and gpu i have(but with higher ram speeds) and they have much better performance in games i mention above, than me. Also watched the RTX 3070 x i5 9600k with the same ram speeds(2400mhz) and they also had higher fps, and still that cpu is too weak for this RTX same as for RX
Some people says its a RAM issue but come on

My pc specs:
Cpu: I5 9600k
Gpu: Radeon rx 6700XT
Mobo:Asrock b365 pro 4
Psu: bequiet 650W
cooler: Spartan 3 pro
Ram ddr4: 2400MHZ 2x8 GB
Monitor 75 hz 1080p with freesync
Windows 11 ( on windows 10 had same problem)
Storage: SSD/HDD

In the same setup with other card :rx 5600XT had the same problems (lower fps because worse card and still have too big drops/unstable game works)

For example in AC Valhalla/Dying light 2/forza Horizon 5/Cs go/Far cry6/God of War/Ghost recon Breakpoint( all of this games work perfect at ultra settings in locked 75 fps , vsync. with unlocked frames having 80+/100+ fps depending on game) same performance like in Site/YT benchamrks , You know. (RX 6700XT)
Temperatures are fine : while gaming or doing benchmarks in occt. 65 celcius max on cpu and aroud 60/70 on the gpu
I don't know what else to do. I hope some of You will help
sorry for grammar.
Apr 8, 2022
what the ssd/hdd? how full are they?
what the ram usage during the game?
malware scan the system?
SSD: Kingston SA400 240/480 gb
The 240 gb one now have 66gb free space and 480gb 63 gb freeHDD toshiba hdwd 7200: 1TB and 133 free space but, dont this its the issue , also running the games while disks have around 70-80% free space.Exact the same performance like while now
Have No malware, scanned by Windows defendar and paid Norton 360
While playing cyberpunk Ram usage is avg 9.3 GB