Low fps in crysis using hd 7750


Feb 21, 2012
Hello friends, I just buyed a new graphics card which is hd 7750 and my monitor resolution is 1024*768. so, this card is enough for playing games at my resolution. Now to my point. I am getting very low fps in crysis using this card at very high settings ( about 19-23 fps which is not playable ). While the case for BF3 ( at ultra graphic settings) is much different. It runs always at 30fps or above in all the maps and also in intense firefights the fps never drops below 30. so ,i want to ask whether my card is inadequate for crysis ( even at a very low resolution of 1024*768) or it is pretty unoptimised for new graphic cards. I am using the release candidate catalyst driver which is the only latest driver available for my card. the information is as follows:

Driver packaging version: 8.95-120131a-132694E-ATI
Catalyst version: 12.3

Also , I use maximum available anti-aliasing( which is 8x for my card) as my resoltuion is very low.

My system specs:
AMD Phenom 9650 quad core processor
2x2gb ddr2 ram
Samsung 500 gb hard drive
Monitor resolution: 1024*768
ASUS M2N68-AM PLUS motherboard

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, Crysis doesn't use more than 2 threads, and your CPU's IPC is too slow. Drop settings to High (looks almost as good) and turn AA down to 4x (8x is too demanding). Also add Morphological AA in the driver - that's what I do. If you really miss a setting at Very High (sunshafts or color grading), then I can show you commands to put in a System.cfg file to re-enable them one by one.