Question Low FPS in games on my ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15


Feb 5, 2015
I get pretty low fps (130-160) in my matches in Valorant, which is less than I expected given the specs that I have (I have the GA502IV model, which has ryzen 9 4900hs and rtx 2060 maxq).
I did all of the fixes suggested in /r/ZephyrusG15 (except the vent mod), and there is no thermal throttling that can be observed (my temps when running Valorant are around 76-82).
Here is the things I've checked till now:
  • the game is running on the dedicated gpu
  • the laptop is plugged in
  • it's set to performance mode (which is the high performance power mode)
  • all video settings in Valorant are set to low -running in fullscreen mode
  • all ASUS bloatware not installed
  • full screen optimizations are set to on
  • processor performance boost mode is set to "Efficient Aggressive"
  • All drivers are updated
  • Running latest BIOS and Windows version
I'm not sure what else I am supposed to do to increase my FPS. Could there be an issue with the laptop itself?

Addition 1:
Here is a link to a user benchmark test I did now, if it helps in any way.

Addition 2:
Here is the link to screenshots of HWInfo sensors during a Valorant match. I was getting around 140-170 FPS on the Turbo setting in ROG Armory.



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