Question Low FPS in Minecraft with shaders

Sep 25, 2018
Just got into playing Minecraft on a server with friends again after upgrading some hardware. I get anywhere from 100-200 FPS without shaders, but, as soon as I enable one, FPS drops to anywhere between 30-80 FPS with a lot of fluctuation. I have optifine installed, I have reinstalled java, I have allocated various amounts of RAM ranging from 2G-8G, I have reduced my render distance, played with v-sync and frame limit, I have disabled some AMD programs that were rumored to cause stuttering and FPS drops, I have taken discord off of its setting to use dedicated graphics, and I have tried all combinations of shader settings, and a few other things over the last week or so. I have googled this topic to death and have found nothing.

OS: Windows 10 Home Edition
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 @3.4GHz
GPU: Radeon RX 580 4GB (According to MSI Afterburner: Core Clock: 1350 MHz, Memory Clock: 1750 MHz)
RAM: 16GB 2666MHz (Considering overclocking)
HDD: WD 500GB, Toshiba 750GB
SSD: None

I play on the server with someone who has the R5 2600x and a GTX 970 and gets >100 FPS easily with shaders applied. It's just frustrating putting a bunch of money into a system for it to react like this; it should work well. Any help and/or insight is much appreciated. Thanks!
(So far I have only had low FPS in Minecraft if that helps solve the issue)


Feb 3, 2018
Try uninstalling and re-installing the game. Shaders GREATLY impact performance though, so this could just be the typical impact. Think of it this way: Each block in the render distance, even the ones buried in the earth that you can't see, has to be re-rendered with the shader.
Apr 10, 2015
What performance you get depends on the shader pack you are using. Did you install the shader pack through optifine? Don't expect great performance with a shader pack. They are often very unoptimized.

Tbh, I'd expect better performance than 100fps on normal minecraft. You said you were playing on servers. Your performance may vary a TON based on the server you are on, if that server is a minigame type server. Have you tried playing on a realm or singleplayer world to see if you get stable performance?

Wild guess, but most shaders I've seen seems to work better on Nvidia cards. Try going for a light weight shader pack if you haven't already.