[SOLVED] Low FPS in only Modern Warfare with 9900k and 2080ti

Apr 28, 2020
Hello, so I have been experiencing some issues recently with my Modern Warfare game. For the past week or so I've been having incredibly bad fps (from 130 smooth fps to 40fps) I'm running a 5120x1440 resolution and I used to get anywhere from 160-130 fps depending on the place of the map. However recently it has gone as low at 30, but around 40.
To try to fix it, I've tried reinstalling the game multiple times, on different SSD's, different HDD's. I've reinstalled windows with a fresh install, I've changed the priority of it in task manager and I've even tried overclocking my system to see if that would help.

I've also tried setting everything to low, still no change, tried running on a 1080p panel, no change.

My specs are: 9900k, 2080ti, 64GB 3200MHz RAM, 750W PSU

It's only Modern Warfare I have the issue with, I have no issues playing any other games, whether they be CPU demanding or GPU demanding.
If it's just the one game, then a recent update probably broke it - it happens, not much you can do about that scenario except wait for a hotfix.
May 1, 2020
I have the same problem with a system running a 2080 super since the last patch (1.20). I gess the patch f*cked aound with the nvidia driver. When I close the game and restart I can do 5-20 matches until it breaks again. Mid game the fps drops to ~40 and its like a slideshow an unplayable. But what to expect when the notice that "they're investigating some problems with the download and the patch" is kept in the launcher since release.

Maybe a different nvidia driver can help. Try the last 2 and maybe beta. Sorry that I cant help you, when I figured out a solution I'll let you know
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