Question Low FPS ---- is my PC running as expected ?


Just upgraded my pc to have a Nvidia 1660S and I'm having performance issues. Was recently on a rx 580 and it's a negligible upgrade. Getting 60-70 fps all low settings + max performance settings on a fresh install of windows with 90 render scaling on Warzone.

Can link a more in-depth benchmark as well if need be.

Thanks for the help
Wait a few mins.
Run userbenchmark with the browser closed.
Post a link.


I sense that you expected that a 1660s would be a huge upgrade.
Yes, a very good graphics upgrade over a RX580
But, game performance also depend on the performance of the cpu.
Particularly the single thread performance.
I suspect that you were relatively well balanced on a cpu/gpu basis before.
Your upgrade addressed the graphics component and did nothing to the cpu component.
Run the cpu-z bench and look at the single thread performance rating.
You should get something like 566.
Many 9700k users will have overclocked to higher levels than yours.
If you have overclocked, give it a try.

If you are looking at a cpu upgrade, a <$200 i5-12400 will score about 700
A lga1700 B660 DDR4 motherboard will be about $150, and you can reuse your ram.

And, fwiw; userbenchmark is considered by some to be junk science.