Question Low FPS, Low GPU & CPU utilization after clean Windows 10 install ?

Oct 16, 2021
Ok, I'm stumped.

I just reformatted my machine (5800x, 2070 S, 32GB RAM, NVME SSD) back to Windows 10 after dipping my toes into Windows 11.

I've installed all of the latest drivers and updates, yet my performance is absolutely ass in Destiny 2. I'm about 40fps short of where I used to be at the same settings. The weird part is that while the game is running, GPU utilization is hovering around 40%, and CPU is only around 20%.

Any ideas?
I presume you did a CLEAN and a FRESH format and re-install of Windows 10 OS ? Which GPU driver version are you currently using for DESTINTY 2 game ? What was the previous drive version before you did a re-format ?

What about the performance in other PC games ? Which PSU model are you having ?