Question Low FPS on a Relatively Good PC

Aug 28, 2019
Hello, so Its been one year I suffer like this and I think its time I stop. I have an Aurora R7 (Please don't tell me its bad or that I shouldve built it myself, I know about all of that thank you) And I've always had low fps with my pc which is not normal.

Here are my Specs:

Intel i7 8700 3.20 Ghz
I have 16 GB if Ram DDR4

I get like 30 fps at low-medium ish Graphics which I believe it isn't normal. My Monitor is a 60 Hz and its connect via HDMI to my Card(I believe.. its my first ever gaming pc)

At the current time writting this with Chrome and an Anti-Virus Opened in Background, My Task Managers shows this:
CPU - 5%
Memory - 35%
Disk 4%

Maybe its a memory issue? Its very probable its also a configuration problem since this is my first pc aswell.
I am in mode performance in windows settings(Instead if balanced mode)
I have my drivers up to date
I have disabled the included graphic card coming with it (Intel, i thought this was my problem)
Its really annoying.. I dont know how I have lived with it for so long.. I hope someone can help me outhere.. My last resort would to erase my whole pc and install a game to see if it works fine that way, but I honestly wish I can find something wrong before that, and maybe it could also been like i said a configuration problem..
Aug 28, 2019
and that is during the game? yes that is not normal.

what games? what resolution?
where did you get them?
Well I tested these with Minecraft Java in full screen with is 1080p x something..

Ive used "HWMONITOR" to get the temperatures and Task Manager "Performance Tab"
You need to be confident it is connected to the gpu and not the motherboard.
The problem is I never had a pc before so I dont exactly know if it is the motherboard or the gpu but Following what ive seen on the internet Im on the card, Im plugged into the HDMI port in the rear which has 3 others display port available with it. GTX 1060