Low fps on mass effect


Aug 24, 2010

I have P4 2.66 Ghz (prescott, single core, no HT) with loaded temp on 72C
1 GB DDR 400 Ram
9500 GT 512MB (DDR3 i think)

I am trying to play mass effect but I am getting very low frames (7-9, by fraps)
Settings: Lowest possible
GPU load by GPUZ is very low
CPU is 99% (no virus, its masseffect)

Any help, why is this happening; I am well within system requirements.
Your CPU barely exceeds the minimum system requirements for the game. Sometimes developers mess up with the minimum requirements, so it's not a good idea to run a game on a system that is right on the edge, like yours. You also don't have enough RAM. Even if you are on Windows XP, 1GB simply isn't enough for gaming anymore. If you have Service Pack 3, XP starts to run very slow with only 1GB of RAM.

Seriously speaking, you are probably going to need to get a new system to run Mass Effect or any other modern game. A relatively low clocked Prescott simply can't keep up with any modern title.