Question Low FPS & Strange Lag on Games

Sep 23, 2019
Good day people,

I recently purchased pre-owned system with the following main specs:

GTX 1080 Graphics Card
I7 6700k Intel core
128gb SSD & 2TB Harddrive
16GB ram
MSI m3 Gaming MOBO
x2 27" 144hz 1440p Monitors

Upon receiving it, I reinstalled windows and all necessary drivers. After installing games and attempting to play, I found two main issues, which probably are actually the same issue:

Small FPS lag, similar to screen tearing but isn't, game just sometimes freezes for a microsecond and continues
Low FPS on certain low-profile games, such as Runescape (Average 30 fps)
Latency-like lag on League of Legends, not screen tearing or fps, but plays as if I had spikes of 300+ ping, however, internet is fine.

I'm an IT guy myself and have trouble figuring out what the issue is, thus I am posting this thread. I have tried the following:
  • Yes, I did contact the seller and asked about it, but he said he never had issues. Trusted party.
  • Updated graphic drivers both nvidia and intel
  • Updated MOBO drivers
  • Different fan speeds, no change. Always run at high anyway.
  • Made sure the games were running with max settings with the nvidia graphics (also tried lowest settings)
  • Tried a different wifi adapter and even tried with an ethernet cord (have a spare 20ft cord now, if needed)
  • Reinstalling/repairing the games I was having issues with
  • Plugging into a lower settings monitor, 1080p, 60hz with an HDMI cable
  • Similar to above, lowering my monitor settings to 1080p and 60hz
  • Tried installing the game on my SSD (usually have them on my HDD)
  • Temperature of both GPU and CPU and perfectly normal.
Weird thing is, that I tested the PC on one of my buddy's home, with a 4K TV through an HDMI cable, and there was no issues at all. I really ran out of options and would love some suggestions in here.

Thank you for your time