Question low fps than used to with new hardware

Jan 21, 2021
i just replaced all my mobo, gpu, cpu with warranty. i still get lower fps than I used to when I first built the pc. for like 5 days when I got the new components everything was fine for 5 days now my mobo did a disk check or smthn like that and my fps got low I resetted windows v ery CLEAN. it still didn't work. why am I getting lower fps now>?


Sep 5, 2019
  1. check your drivers, it never hurts to do a fresh clean driver install.
  2. check your thermals, as even veteran builders make simple mistakes, high temps lead to frame drops.
  3. check your HDD/SDD. If you're running your games on a HDD it could be slowing you down. They can wear out and drop frames for lack of a bette rexplination.
  4. BACKGROUND TASKS!!! don't run anything not necessary. check in your task manager for running application that are eating up disk usage and ram/cpu usage. you can switch your performance settings in the search bar to minimize this but the best way is simply disable or uninstall any bloat or unused applications that running needlessly.
Open your game then ctrl+alt+delete (task manager) and go to performance monitor (4th tab in) and it will give you the breakdown of cpu usage/gpu usage/disk usage...etc.

you'll also find the processing tab that shows whats all running but im sure you know that lol.