Question Low fps thermal throttle with full cooling loop?

Apr 10, 2022
I have 6 fans all intake on two 360mm radiators hooked up to a full liquid cooling loop, and im still hitting a temp cap which is limiting my fps. should i get a liquid cooling backplate to attach to my gpu to make it cooler or, is there a setting that is making my gpu oc for no reason? ive raised the thermal cap to its limit of 91 and it helps for a little but then it tanks the fps again. even lowering the graphics quality doesn't bring back much to any fps.

My Specs:
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x
GPU: Gigabyte 3080 ti OC
PSU: RM750 gold+
RAM: 4 x 8gb trident g.skill rgb
Case: lian li o-11 dynamic evo
MoBo: MSI B550 Tomahawk
Storage: 2 x 1tb HDD and 1 X MP600 m.2 ssd

Cooling loop goes... Reservoir -> gpu -> cpu -> radiator -> radiator -> reservoir
A 3dMark test got 4k on the gpu and 9k on the cpu but the overall was 4.3k hitting an average of 25 to 30 fps
First thoughts are:
  • Your pump RPM isn't fast enough, if water pressure is lousy it will heat up faster.
  • Your fans aren't spinning fast enough, adjust them accordingly for the depth of your radiator so enough heat gets pushed out.
  • The contact between your GPU waterblock and the GPU die isn't good enough.
Should also share some image links with temp charts and pump/fan settings so we can get a better picture of your setup.