Question Low FPS with a good GPU?


Jan 26, 2014
I had an older PC with a fairly new (~2 yrs ago) graphics card, however, im getting low FPS in easy games like CSGO. My friend with a worse GPU still out performs me.

Im getting ~70-100 FPS in csgo - installed on SSD

My specs are:
GPU: GTX2070 Super
CPU: Intel core i5-6500 3.2GHZ
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA h170-HD3

Running Dual monitor setup (monitor 1: 2k 144hz 27"), (Monitor 2: 1080p 27")

Whats wrong?
Your CPU is holding you back. CSGO can make use of a faster CPU.

You can buy a used i7-6700K for a reasonable price; however, you won't be able to make full use of it because you don't have a Z-mobo to overclock. i7-7700K would be a little better; however, it's more expensive and same issue applies. Also, both are lacking when compared to more modern CPUs.

I'd plan a full platform upgrade. Your GPU would appreciate it.
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Hey there,

So, as mentioned by @volkgren your CPU is holding you hack. In all but older games that are single threaded, your CPU will max out and cause stuttering, certainly in anything new or AAA.

Your CPU is essentially the basis for FPS. Your CPU sends pre rendered frames for the GPU to draw and add on all the onscreen goodness. If your CPU is is not fast enough to feed the GPU, your GPU won't even break a sweat.

This is why someone with a less performant card, may get better results. It's because their CPU is fast enough to max the GPU on screen rendering, and is better utilised by the weaker GPU.

Also, don't be comparing what this user or that got on youtube. Whilst they may say the testbed PC has this CPU or that, how can you know.? Compare to actual benchmarks, that show you exactly what's going on.