Question Low frame rate after upgrade to windows 10 ssd.

Nov 27, 2019
Alright, so a few months back I was playing l4d2 on an A10-4655M With 1GB HD7620g integrated graphics and it would run between 40-60 fps on maximum settings with anisotropic filtering off, vsync triple buffered, AA off and film grain off. If I turned down settings to lowest and kept my 1366x768 native resolution the same and turned vsync off , and left multicore rendering and CPU memory high I would get a clean 270-290 fps.

I recently upgraded to a windows 10 ssd and redownloaded the game. I put on my same maximum settings and I got 15-19 fps. I turned all settings down and turned off film grain and vsync and got 30fps.I reopened the game and got 64-70 fps with lowest settings and I was pretty happy with that. The next day I came to see fps between 20-40 and even lower fps in the menu. I uninstalled my radeon drivers 16.2.1 and downloaded an older version that is 15.7.1 WHQL to see if it would help, but it lowered fps further. This is horribly annoying and I get 19 fps on servers and 30 on singleplayer. Solutions?