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low fx 8350 cinebench scores

Because this depends on many factors, not only the raw CPU speed. Your exact hardware and software combination can affect the overall performance. Reviewers usually use excellent quality motherboards and RAM, and usually perform the tests with clean Windows installations, with as few background processes as possible. BTW, your results are just fine and I would not worry about that, this slight variation between various systems is normal.
I see no problem.

You got 6.7 in Cinebench, and it was tested in a different review at 6.89 or the one you linked at 6.98.

That's at worst a 4% difference and you have a different motherboard setup, memory etc so not sure what the issue is.


the mismatched memory is likely the cause of your reduced score. try removing the single 8 gig stick and running the test again. you should get a marginally better result (even with less overall ram) if the mem timings were the cause.

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