[SOLVED] Low GPU and CPU usage whilst having low FPS and bad performance.

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May 4, 2016
This is something I have been struggling with for quite a while now and I don't understand what the problem is with my system.

My PC should be able to handle a lot and I know it can but for some reason, it seems to not be using its full potential. When playing games I'm getting low GPU usages around 65% average with dips to 50% and sometimes bumps to higher percentages. The thing that is extremely weird is that my FPS is also low during these play sessions and it even seems that my GPU DIPPS when there should be MORE for the GPU to render. Another thing I've noticed is that my CPU usage is very inconsistent as the CPU usage doesn't seem to be evenly distributed at all and is also at very low usage. I've also noticed that my frame timings are abysmally inconsistent and can get really high sometimes. My commit charge is also very high but I'm not sure if this affects performance.

Now I understand that having CPU that has a lot of horsepower being at low usages in a game that is very graphically demanding is completely normal. There still seem to be inconsistencies though and there should be no excuses for my GPU not using 100% of its power when the fps is unlocked whilst playing the game.

This is something that happens in all games but I've noticed that the more graphically demanding (newer) the game is, the more will this FPS problem occur.

For some additional information, I've recorded some gameplay of me playing Borderlands 3 and some stats whilst playing the game to show the problem I'm having using MSI Afterburner as well as Core Temp. I also recorded a video of all the data in MSI Afterburner in a separate video showing all the data that my Afterburner has recorded during the play session.

Gameplay video:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezUgXZP-aHQ

All performance data:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7wDYqUqynA

I'm desperate for someone to give me an answer as I've bought my components rather recently hoping for a huge boost in performance. I think that if this GPU and maybe (if there is a problem) my CPU would be fixed; I would be a much happier gamer.

Please help!

Here are all of my specs (running on Win 10):


Corsair CX850M Bronze plus rated

MSI 1080 ti gaming x

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series 2x8gb 3200MHz

The game is running on an M.2 SSD
Samsung 970 Evo Plus (500 GB)

I also have an SSD with windows on it that currently has around 4% storage left (around 6%) if that has anything to do with my performance?

If there is any more information needed I would be happy to give it. Thanks.


May 4, 2016
did you do a fresh os install?
latest bios? chipset driver?
ram in dual channel running at 3200?

I have not done a fresh install of Windows in like 2 years. I do have the latest bios and I'm running the correct chipset drivers. I also have my ram correctly installed and they are running at 3200 by overclocking them through the bios.

Is a Windows re-install really necessary?
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