Question Low GPU and CPU usage with RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra ?

Jun 16, 2021
I recently bought a 3070 and a new power supply. Since I bought it I have been getting nowhere near the frames I should be getting compared to other benchmarks and my usage for the GPU and CPU hovers around 30-50% for each. I would really appreciate some help as I have searched everywhere and have not been able to fix it. I am getting almost the exact frames on this GPU as I got on my 1660 Ti ?

What I have done:
Reinstalled drivers over 10 times
Uninstalled drivers several times with DDU
Updated drivers
Checked my power supply connections
Checked the wiring to the GPU
OC'd the gpu
OC'd my cpu
Updated BIOS
Updated Windows
Reseated GPU
Messed with BIOS settings
Messed with ingame settings
Downgraded drivers
Re upgraded drivers
XMP is on

RTX 3070 xc3 Ultra
32 gigs of RAM
2 SSDs
750 watt PSU

I am desperate to get this GPU working. I am getting the same frames as I was with a 1660 Ti so 60-100 on Rust, Tarkov, 150-220 frames on R6, 240-300 frames on Minecraft, 37 with Minecraft ultra shaders on, 100 on red dead and it still looked [language]. Please someone help.
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