Question low gpu and cpu usage

Aug 9, 2022
I have a huge problem, my cpu and gpu most of the time doesn't go more then 30-50% usege
Cpu -Amd rx5 1600 six cores
Gpu- Gtx 1070 asus dual
Mobo-ASRock AB350M
Ram-16gb 2400mhz
Psu- 400w
i think my psu could cause this problem, but i don't know do i really need to upgrade it to 500-600w
or there is something else that i can do?
League- 107fps, when i turn on vertical sync it goes up to 144 fps, and rapidly drops to 107fps (in fights lowe 50-80)
Rust- 30-70fps
I have already tried nvidia control panel and power management stuff.

(Edit so i tested rdr2, and it my gpu usage was 99% most of the time and cpu 40-60% no issues with lag spikes i checked a rdr2 bechmark on youtube with my specs l, and they all had same usages so i think everying is ok with more hungry games, but not rust)
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