Question Low GPU/CPU usage

Apr 9, 2021
I've been struggling to fix the low GPU and CPU clocks on my computer. Booting up AAA titles like the new Call of Duty or other titles like Subnautica yield the same results. My CPU usage sit at 30%-50% and my GPU lingers from 20%-70%. However, when in the main or pause menu, It goes back to 90%-99% usage. I've reinstalled drivers via MSI's website for my laptop, used DDU as well, I've disabled VT-D and HPET, and have tried plenty of other fixes. All end up with little to no result. My system specs below:
RTX 2060M
i7 8750H
16 GB 2666 Mhz
Model: MSI GL63 8SE
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Looking at CPU % usage is difficult because it's reported by: # threads used / # threads available. If a game can only load up 6 threads on a 12 thread CPU, it's going to report 50% usage.

GPU usage is the thing you want to look at. That's what's going to tell you what your limitation is. If GPU usage is >85% consistently, you're GPU-limited (that's what you want). If it's below ~85% consistently, then you're CPU-limited.

Pay attention to the actual CPU frequency (GHz) while you're testing games and report back. With laptops, it's not uncommon to see thermal/power throttling. A 2.2GHz CPU isn't going to feed a RTX2060M very effectively.