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Question Low GPU usage - bottleneck, software, or mobo problem?

Jul 13, 2020
I have recently upgraded my GPU to an RTX 2070 super strix, and my PSU to a Corsair RM 750i.
Unfortunately, the in-game GPU usage has been painfully low. The CPU usage isn't that bad, though, in some games, it quite consistently hits 100% - in games where it's around 60%, the GPU usage issue still persists.
I've tried turning on high performance mode in the nvidia control panel and in the power plan app, flashing my bios, refreshing my OS, trying another HDMI port and rolling back the nvidia drivers and windows 10 updates. Things have improved, but the improvement's minimal.

I'm mainly planning on using this PC for VR, specifically 90/120hz on the Valve Index.

Could it be a hardware problem?
My specs:
-rtx 2070 super strix advanced
-i5 8400
-b360m hd3
-16 gb of 2400 mhz ram
-corsair rm 750i

I should also mention that my GPU hits 96% usage in benchmarks and game menus.
Any help is appreciated.