Question Low GPU Usage Issue During Gaming

Oct 20, 2019

Since I play on low specs (specifically a i5-8250U & MX150 1D12 plus lots of throttling), I commonly turn down my settings and resolution in order to get a decent framerate.

Whenever I turn down my resolution, instead of getting an increased frame rate, my GPU usage drops to accomodate instead. I know for a fact that this is NOT a CPU bottleneck, as my CPU usage stays at around a 40%, and also an quad-core 8250U shouldn't bottleneck a weak MX150.

There is also another problem, though this one is just specific to Minecraft. The game only uses about 40% of the GPU. When I first got the computer, it worked flawlessly, until one day it broke. It initally locked at 60FPS (even though all VSync was off) even though I could run it higher. Soon I upgraded to a 144Hz monitor and that faded while I was plugged into the monitor (through Thunderbolt3/DP1.2), though it still never used more than half the GPU. My iGPU usage also goes to around 30% when I am gaming. Oddly enough, when I minimize the program, the GPU usage jumps back up to 100% (where it's supposed to be) and the iGPU idles at 0% (which is what it was before).

I have a MX150 1D12 running on the 399.10 driver, the driver my computer came preinstalled with.
I have a UHD 620, which is running at 100% stock.
I have 2x4GB of DDR4-2133, as well as a i5-8250U CPU.
It's a Huawei Matebook X Pro 2018 i5/MX150/8GB for specifics.

If anyone knows how to fix this strangely specific problem (I've been trying to fix it for quite a while) it would be helpful!

-- pingping2993