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Mar 30, 2016
Hello, my GPU started to behave strangly a week ago. I have very poor performance on all games and just cant play them. The GPU is almost not being used (0-30% usage) and because of that the CPU usage gets higher. Strangly i tried Valley Benchmark 1.0 and GPU worked fine, 100% usage and good performance (Score: 3750 on ExtremeHD), i dont know what else to do, the computer also seems to become slower to, folders and programs dont open as fast.
It can´t be a Bottleneck because the computer was running fine before this happened.

GTA 5: around 20fps
Dirt 4: around 40-50 (probably the only game that i can "play")
Rise of the Tom Raider benchmark : 34fps
Witcher 3: around 20fps

Things i´ve tried:
Did a full install of new gpu drivers, tried older and newer versions, nothing helped.
Updated the bios, nothing.
PC is in Performance mode and PCIExpress settings are off.
Tried the GPU on another PC, GPU worked fine. So it must be something else making this problem in my PC

CPU: Ryzen 1600
MOB: MSI B350 Tomahawk Artic
RAM: Corsair lpx ddr4 3200mhz
GPU: gtx 980ti
PSU: EVGA 650w GQ, 80+ gold
Disks: 1 240gb SSD and 1TB HDD

EDIT: My CPU temps are normal, gpu is the reference gtx980ti version that is known to run at 83ºC during load but that never caused problems, now it doesnt get that hotter because it isn´t being utilized at 100%. Resolution is 2560x1080
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