Question Low GPU usage & power-draw ?

Aug 13, 2021
SPECS: 6700xt, B550 F Gaming Wifi, 3700x, 16GB Ram, 850 Gold PSU & 1080p monitor .. Ok i did a fresh install of windows all drivers are up to date and i cant figure this out and it's stressin me out. Low GPU Usage and Power draw is low too i think.. Please help me. Here's a clip of me running GTA:

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Mar 16, 2022
If it was the PSU the PC would shut down or you would get a BSOD with hardware failure as the report.
The GPU driver will detect power is an issue and do an immediate shutdown to prevent damage.

Getting rather sick of these copy-paste PSU explanations.

Also it seems you are running a Ryzen 3000 series CPU. Which will bottleneck a 6700-XT in GTA V it is just not fast enough to fill out the GPU core in that game, the game is old from 2013 and the engine has limitations.

Even here you can see the 3600 is not even filling out an RTX 3060 in GTA V.

Your GPU is suited for 1440P not 1080P for this reason, if you want higher FPS you need Alder Lake or a Ryzen 5800X3D.

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Mar 16, 2022
Please don't come here asking for advice, then complain about the answers you're given, just because you don't like them.

That PSU IS a dumpster fire in waiting.
I wouldn't use it to power a desk lamp.
Even mods don't read a thread fully, never realized I was the OP.

And the cause of this persons trouble is not his PSU.
Mar 16, 2022
So it is your position that the ARESGame PSU is a good device?

Poor quality PSU is not always an ON/OFF condition.
So you did not read my post?

I never said the PSU is great, I said the issue the OP is having is not PSU related, it is because GTA V is an easy game to run from 2013 and his Ryzen 3000 series CPU paired with a relatively high end GPU is bottle-necked due to the games engine limitations, it is verifiable by numerous youtube videos with similar hardware.
It is not a junk PSU but it is not great either just mediocre. Tier list has it in tier B
No, that's a different model. The ARESGame PSU listed on the PSU cultists tier list on tier B is an AGT series unit. The AGS and AGK series units are of a similar quality level, and the AGS units that Aris looked at were very poor quality and said

"To put it mildly, this is a mediocre product. With a similar amount of money (or just a bit more_, you can find much better PSUs, like the Corsair CX850M)"

And when THAT's a "much better" unit, it means this is not very good at all. He also indicated they had:

-Bottom low overall performance
  • Low efficiency
  • Not efficient 5VSB rail
  • Loose load regulation
  • Mediocre transient response
  • Increased EMI emissions
  • Sky-high inrush currents
  • High vampire power
  • Noisy
  • No MOV in the transient filter
  • Low build quality
  • Sleeve bearing fan
  • Two EPS connectors on the same cable
  • Not ASM compatible
PSU cultists put the AGK series on "low priority tier 3" which is not very good, and I find it hard to even agree with THAT. These are more like tier 4 units. Probably not even as good as the old Corsair CX series or the EVGA N1/W1.

The OEM for ARESGame units is Shenzhenshi Jiumeng, which, looking around, I don't see anything made by them that appears to be of any substantial quality. Pretty sure they ARE ARESGame, and ARESGame is just their retail name. When an OEM can't justify itself to any other companies and has to sell it's own units under a different brand, it's gonna raise my eyebrows and it SHOULD raise yours as well.