Low GPU usage

Sep 12, 2018
To begin
This is my current setup:
Ryzen 3 1200 oc 3.7
8gb ddr4 2667 ram
1060 6gb amp edition
120gb SSD
1tb HDD
Msi b350 mortar motherboard

I recently built this PC two months ago and successfully overclocked my CPU with a stable clock of 3.7 However all the games which I have been playing have been experiencing 45-60 fps. In task manager MY GPU USAGE IS ONLY 2% and is only used by my wallpaper engine. My CPU and RAM both run at around 75-90%. I have tried changing the windows power option, Nvidia control panel power option, changing drivers and even uncapping frames disabling all GPU using apps. All of these have been unsuccessful. In fortnite my GPU runs at 40% while other games such as battlefield run at 2%. Doesnt seem to be a bottleneck as my CPU isn't always maxed out. Was hoping someone would be able to help me solve this problem on my new PC so I could get minimum of 60 on medium settings at least.