Dec 7, 2013
I just upgraded my 1070ti to a 2080ti. Basically my 2080 TI is not hitting 100% utilization on any games. It rarely goes passed 50%.

My Specs

Ryzen 5 3600
Gigabyte 2080 ti
RAM - 32 GB 3200 mhz (2 16gb sticks)
MSI Gaming Plus x570 MOBO
650 Watt Seasonic Focus Gold rated

1080p 144hz monitor

My frame-rates arent particularly bad but they arent reaching 144 fps in games it should be. My gpu just isnt utilizing enough to get the 144 fps. I want enough fps for my monitors refresh rate... especially considering how much money I spent on this.

Solutions ive tried: Setting nvidia control panel to Prefer Maximum performance, Purging my graphics drivers and reinstalling fresh drivers. (solutions didnt work)

The only game ive played so far that actually 100% utilizes my GPU is CoD: Warzone. I actually get less FPS in less intensive games simply because my gpu is sitting at 30%-50% utilization.

IT IS NOT A CPU BOTTLENECK. My temps on my cpu are good and the cpu also never even reaches 70% utilization.

Temps on the GPU sit around 70c-75c full load.

One thing i'm noticing is my power unit is getting very hot to the touch. More-so then i've ever felt a power unit get. If I hold my hand directly to the PSU for a few seconds it starts to burn my hand a bit. Could my power unit not be providing enough power for the 2080 ti? Any other ideas? I really appreciate the help.