Question LOW GPU voltage during gaming

Jul 10, 2020
I have been playing games during july on my new pc's graphics card and I don't seem to get the fps I should be getting. My GPU is a GTX 1660 OC 6GB

I have noticed that on certain games, older in a sense, the card's voltage is similar to idle (0.65v~0.85v). The maximum voltage state for this card is 1.05v but it doesn't get to it during certain games. This has caused a poor performance on certain games. For example, fogs and some lightning effects (sunset) are kinda terrible during gaming.

there's only one hardware component that is old on this rig, the power supply. But I have tested it for irregularities and found none. It's also a corsair, so there's that.

please help, what can I do so the GPU stop to save energy during gaming and max the voltage state for a better performance?

I'm almost giving up on the PC gaming thing, so many things that are annoying, and the prices are really high for all the trouble you get with software, hardware, shipment, you name it

btw before anyone ask, the drivers are up to date, OS is up to date.