Question Low GTA5 FPS with Ryzen 7 2700x & EVGA RTX 2070 Ultra?

Apr 3, 2019
So, this is the first game I've noticed this issue on, unless I should be getting higher FPS in other games that I'm just unaware of. I play on a 2k monitor, and usually see around 80FPS and higher. 70-80 on Anthem highest settings which I think is good. When I play GTA V, however, I seem to stick around 30-45 FPS on highest settings. I've even tweaked a few settings, lowered grass to very high, cut down population density and variety, cut down extended distance scaling...all of which bump me up a few FPS but I've seen that the average is around 85. Not sure what could be wrong, as this is my first PC build. Any suggestions? Nothing is overclocked. RAM is running at 3200mhz.

Case: CoolerMaster H500 Mesh
Ramp: 2×8 Viper 3200mhz
SSD: Crucial 512gb NVME M.2
Harddrive: 3tb Barracuda 7200RPM
PSU: Rosewill 650w 80+ Gold
Motherboard: MSI x470 Gaming Pro
CPU cooler: EVGA CLC 240

CPU and GPU stated in title.

Any tips are appreciated. New to this!

Also, my CPU temp doesnt go above 50°C when gaming for a few hours. Usually sticks around 45°C.
but I've seen that the average is around 85.
If this is what you see in benchmarks then run the benchmark at the same resolution the benches did and check if you get the same FPS.

Inside the game FPS is very much dependent on where you are on the map,Vinewood Boulevard is the worst spot with the lowest FPS while other parts of the game will give you higher FPS.