Question low hashrate, low vram utilization

Sep 17, 2021
hi, i have 3 GPUs, with the same problem, i have 1 rtx2060 super, 1rtx 2080ti and 1 cmp nvidia p106-100.

the cards has low utilization % memory and low hashrate

2080ti 17% memory usage and 4MHs
2080 super 40% memory usage and 20MHs
and the p106 4% memory usage and 0Mhs

ichange riser, power supply and others tests
no problems with nvidia mats, all devices pass the test
but not mining i want to fix

really appreciate anyone information


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Include PSU(s): make, model, wattage, age, condition?

Have the PSUs been used for previous mining efforts? (Noted that you changed PSUs - need information for both.)

What mining software are you using?
Sep 17, 2021
hi, thanks for reply

i have core i 5 9th gen
16gb ram
240 SSD
risers ver 009s all 12v molex connect
power supply be quiet and ez cool 700w bronze and 850w bronze (never troubles)

normally no problem i have 3 3070, 2 3080 and other gpus including 2080s ti, with same configs base (MB, ram, ssd) etc

i used nice hash quick miner cause i love the oc settings, but i try with T-rex, phoenix, excavator and the 3 apps has the same error low hashrate and low memory utilization, i can see low memory usage on GPU-Z.

i have a pc to test gpus and the same problem, with azza power supply 750w, i try change risers and same problem.
try to test one on one in this pc but same problem

temperatures is really really low, because the power on cards is low too when i try to mine the power is low too, i can adust the power limit on nicehash or afterburner, but the power is the same on porcent to the memory for example

2080 ti my config on OC
100% memory usage, 60 MHs aprox power on 150w approx

2080 ti on my pc rig but ral data usage
40% memory usage, 20Mhs approx, and power consuption 50w

Sorry for my english is not good jeje

thank you very much