Low input lag 8bit ips or 10bit high inputlag ips

8-bit. Can consumer graphics cards even output 10-bits/component?

Dells do smoke the NECs interms of trails in your link. And not bad for lag with the medium-sized models. Only the big screens with really bad lag.

EDIT: Also, is it even true 10-bit or FRC/dithering on the last two bits like TN panels do to emulate 8-bit?



Input lag is a horrible metric because there's no standard for it, each manufacturer has their own and they often don't tell you what it is. I have a 30 inch Dell IPS panel and I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

As a side note, in order to use a 10 bit color depth you will need to have a professional graphics card such as an AMD FirePro or NVidia Quadro. You will also have to turn off desktop composition effects.

Most TN LCD/LED panels interpolate 8 bit color channels down to 6 bits for technical reasons. Good IPS panels use the full 8 bits at all times so even without a 10 bit source, the color will still be much deeper and richer.