Question Low performance and random freezes

May 10, 2020
I recently built a new pc, and i've been experiencing nothing but problems with it lately. I built it correctly, since I had a well-known pc builder to help me build it.
PC specs:
Asus A8G 1080 8GB.
Ryzen 5 3600.
16 gb 2666mhz RAM (single stick)
240gb SSD (about 70% filled)
Msi b450 tomahawk Pro-VDH MAX.

I've been running some different games like Rust and Escape From Tarkov. And i've been getting way lower frames in the games that I should. Some of my friends have 1070's but they still seem to get way more frames than I do. But When I benchmarked in Heaven, I ran super well. Turns out, that my GPU is at 100% usage in Heaven, but as soon as I play Rust or Tarkov, the usage drops to around 30%. It has nothing to do with Vsync, since I turned that off in-game and in Nvidia. My GPU og CPU aren't running hot. My GPU stays under 60C, and my CPU stays under 70C.
I hadn't had any freeze the first 2 months I played on my pc, but recently I've been starting to experiencing them frequently. It's mainly in Rust, I got freezes. I only have discord and spotify open in the background.
I Really hope that you have anything that might fix it or at least help a bit.