Question Low performance in games.

Jan 23, 2021
Hi, recently i got older R9 280x and i paired it with Pentium g4560 and 8gb ram, my problem is that the games doesn't perform as i would wish, for example on canirunit theres 140fps in warzone for my Pc but in reality it does like 60 at max no matter what i try... V-sync IS off - betwwen 50-80 with noticable microlags, if V-sync on- 50-60 with less microlags but in Combat it's just terrible, i tried everything i could find on internet different settings modes everything. Still pretty much the same..


Can I run it... oh noez.

Warzone can use up to 12 cpu threads. Pentium G4560 only has 4. At least 8 would be best.
It can also be seen using some 13GBs of ram. You have 8GBs - with no mention of single or dual channel(mandatory).


I'm a little skeptical of 140 FPS -- these types of FPS estimators aren't very good. That you're right around the minimum required for pretty much all the specs really makes me suspect that you can hit that FPS.
two cores/four threads might be fine for general surfing and office duties, but those lonely threads will be inadequate for most games under six years old... (I recall reading articles written even in 2006 or 2007 under WinXP that said at least 3 cores seemed to be 'adequate' for gaming, and, now even 6c/6t seems 'marginal' for many, with complaints of stutter/hitching in some games

8 GB of RAM has increasingly been considered 'marginal' the past couple of years..

Sixth gen Intel mainboard owners are in a tough spot, as the 7700K is the proverbial 'last stop' on 6th/7th gen boards, resulting in unrealistically elevated 7700K prices.(a quick check of Amazon shows ~$400 prices on them, for which that cost is enough to almost fund a B450 mainboard and the R5-3600 instead, which outperforms it anyway)