Question Low performance on a 1050 ti

Apr 7, 2020
For some time now i realised that my GPU is having issue running games at decent frame rates, I decided to look at other people's benchmarks and i found that my card is underperforming a lot in every tested game, Sometimes having 45% lower fps.

So the card is an MSI model with no 6 pin cable, When it's under load it's always running at maximum clock speed and not throttling, It has decent temps at around 56 to 60 degrees and 100% GPU usage. I monitored the voltage with GPUZ and it's at 1.0500v under full load. Adjusting the voltage on MSI afterburner didn't make any difference.
The card runs at 1800mhz.
The CPU is not a bottleneck since it's an i5 9400f that runs around 60% usage on the most demanig games,

What i did is i reinstalled windows from scratch, I tried multiple drivers old and new, Using DDU for removing them, I tweaked every setting on the control panel, Used ultimate power mode on windows power plan. I overclocked and underclocked it both core and memory clocks,

Something weird is that i get the same performance when i overclock or underclock, For example i got 28 to 34 fps on Sekiro when underclocking to 1600mhz and overclocking to 1950mhz didn't change a thing, But the GPU usage is always at 99%. Sekiro is just an example this happens on every game.

Specs :
I5 9400f
GTX 1050 ti 4GB
16gb DDr4 2400mhz
450w thermaltake PSU
MSI h310f motherboard
Windows 10 v1909



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