Question Low Performance scores and FPS Drops

Aug 1, 2020
I have an IBuyPower BB960(i5-9400f 2.9GHz, RTX2060 6GB, 24gb Adata 2666MHz ram (8+16)) and I'm having FPS issues on games that require high CPU usage such as Warzone. I understand this is a demanding game, but while running this game it takes up 85+% of my CPU usuage and my CPU is almost always at 100%. It is impossible to run discord and talk during the game. I have no issue running CS:GO at 300+ fps because it doesn't use as much of my CPU. My 3dMark score came in around the low 7k range. I don't know if im having issues with my CPU or if theres a bottleneck or if warzone isn't optimizied, but a PC with this hardware should be able to outperform my friends 7+ year outdated PC, which it doesn't.
Is your ram running in dual channel? Often using different size sticks will run in single channel, reducing performance.

How are your temps under load?

90%+ usage for a 6 core cpu in warzone is pretty normal. i'd imagine your bud has an older i7, which has 8 threads and warzone may not be using all of them(even though a thread is usually only 50% the performance of a core). You will probably just have to drop all the settings to low and slowly increase the settings while monitoring cpu usage.

CS:GO is a cpu intensive game, but is rather dependent on single core performance