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Dec 6, 2012
Currently have an AMD 5600G APU with 4GB of system RAM setup for graphics use (I can increase that if that would be helpful). Getting about 30-45 FPS @ 1080p for Doom 2016 / Wolfenstein New Order, with drops into the 20s for some cutscenes. Would like to get a little better performance, but can only fit a low profile card in the case. Case is an Antec ISK300.

Wondering if there any options out there for me. Also wattage might be a bit of a concern, I think the power brick is 90w.

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There's 3 problems with your HTPC.
1st, it's a 5600G, which means the graphics is just as good as a GT1030, a 30w card.
2nd, it's a HTPC and you are looking at low profile cards, which are severely limited.
3rd, 90w power brick.

The best afaik card is the gtx1650LP, which should fit in a HTPC, however, will require something a lot more substantial than a 90w brick, it'll need something @ 300w and at least 1x 6pin pcie. There are other cards, like a 1050LP, but they will also need 300w, so somewhat pointless not to go for the best since the requirements are the same. The only difference being the 1050LP generally doesn't require a 6pin, it pulls 65w+ from the pcie slot.

What you can do right now is tailor your settings. Forget about the presets like low/ultra etc and just set ultra. Play the game for a bit. Then start lowering single settings to low, and see if that makes a noticeable difference, without changing the looks of the game too much. Keep adjusting single settings, write down the ones that impact fps the most, but stay visually acceptable. Then drop all of them you wrote down. That should give you best fps, without the game being reduced to looking like Minecraft.
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