Low Profile, sub-250-watt (total) graphics card


Aug 31, 2011
So, I'm going to be giving my brother my old Dell 530s (Slim Computer). I've installed a Radeon 5450 in it already, and it seems to work fine, but I need to squeeze every bit of juice I can out of it. So what graphics card would be the best choice right now? I'm thinking of the 6670, but I can't seem to find a low-profile version of it. :(

Also, as stated, I'm going to need something that generates a total of 250 watts or less (total system power consumption). I might be able to bump it up to 300 watts if I can find a PSU like the ones in low profile systems.

I don't believe anyone has made a low profile version of the 6670 yet. There are low profile versions of the slightly slower 5670 available, but you will need a 300 Watt power supply to run that card, 250 just won't cut it. You will probably need a PSU upgrade to go beyond the 5450 you already have in there, anything higher than that probably won't get enough power out of a 250 Watt power supply.